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I posted here about painting my 90s looking kitchen cabinets that blended in with the floor. I promised another post about everything else I did to the kitchen, so here it is. This post contains some affiliate links, marked with *, which means I receive compensation from purchases made using those links.


This is the peninsula and its wall. Here is everything in the photo:

  • Glass Rolling Pin – It was my great grandmother’s. See this post about how I mounted it to the wall.
  • Wine Barrel Wall Rack – Similar to this one. Anchor it into a stud. Mine sadly isn’t positioned to be anchored into a stud, but I got drywall anchors for double the weight I thought I’d need based on the weight of the bottles plus the rack.
  • Le Creuset Pie Dish, Pie Bird*, and Tart Dish* are sitting on an IKEA Mosslanda shelf. Unfortunately I can’t find that exact pie dish anymore. The Le Creuset Mini Cocottes are hanging from s-hooks on drawer pulls mounted to the shelf. The Le Creuset minis are mostly limited edition colors from a few consecutive years of the Charleston Food & Wine Festival, but some of them are palm color*. (Separate post coming on how I did this. I’ll link it from here when it’s done.)
  • The vintage Pyrex verde bowl is filled with a bunch of my wine corks.
  • Wine Barrel Tea Light Holder – Similar to these.

fullsizeoutput_1039The wall near the refrigerator has two additional IKEA Mosslanda shelves. The top shelf has a deviled egg platter my bestie gave me for my birthday last year, plus my grandmother’s tin measuring cup and an antique German mustard jar. The bottom shelf has two Le Creuset baking dishes (the smaller two from the Classic Baking Dish Set).

To the left of the shelves is a shadowbox with a place getting of my grandmother’s silver. I’ll be doing a separate post on this as well, and I’ll come back and update this post with a link once that’s done.

I also changed out all of my outlet and switch plates from basic white metal ones to these from Lowe’s.

fullsizeoutput_103cAnd then there’s one of my favorite things in the kitchen – some of my vintage Pyrex. It’s on these shelves from Lowe’s – and I’ll tell you to proceed with caution. They were extremely hard to install due to the position of the holes for the screws and the shape of the brackets. They were also advertised as a “kitchen shelf” on the box, but I was disappointed to see that the instructions said there was a 10lb limit. I have each of the screws in a 75lb drywall anchor, so hopefully that should be more than sufficient!

Christy Jordan from Southern Plate is the queen of displaying vintage Pyrex. I picked up some tricks from her post here. The trick with the Ziploc containers was especially handy!

I unfortunately don’t have the red nesting bowl for the primary colors set. I’m currently on the hunt for one, but I want one of the older ones (pre-1950s). I need to see them in person to determine if it’s truly likely a pre-1950s bowl, so I’ve been going to antique sales, flea markets, and estate sales to hunt. I’m also on the hunt for one of the special Blue Chip Week round casseroles – seriously, this is my ultimate Pyrex wish!

I’ll also do another post on the kitchen counter and how I re-arranged things after painting. I’m excited how everything turned out!

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