Collage of various pies with text that says 35 amazing and unique pies

35 Amazing & Unique Pie Recipes


Pi day is next week, and I’m starting to scheme what kinds of pies to make. If you’re also looking for a pi day pie, this collection has 35 nontraditional pie recipes that will definitely be a big hit on pi day. There’s no bake pie, pot pie, slab pie, boozy pie, hand pie, vegetarian pie, vegan pie, gluten free pie, and even an Instant Pot pie. Oh, and a pie with bacon crust! With 19 sweet pies and 16 savory pies, there’s sure to be something in this collection for everyone. And if you’re looking for a cocktail to serve on pi day, check out this amazing lemon meringue pie martini.

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Sweet Pies

Brownie Pie With Graham Cracker Crust
This Brownie Pie is the ultimate comfort dessert! A brownie baked into a graham cracker crust and laced with caramel, then topped with whipped cream and both caramel and chocolate drizzle.
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Brownie pie slice
Cannoli Pie
Cannoli Pie, easy Italian dessert with a homemade crunchy crust and no-bake cannoli cream filling with mini chocolate chips. So good!
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Raspberry Daiquiri Pie
Raspberry Daiquiri Pie brings the best of dessert and a cocktail to your plate! Fruity, boozy, creamy and so easy to make! You’ll love this treat!
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Raspberry daiquiri pie
Almost Bite-Sized Apple Pies
Smaller than a hand pie, these bite-sized pies are a great party dessert.
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Small apple pies
Easy No Bake Cookie Pie
This is not the usual pie recipe. It looks almost like a pie but it is a mix of cookies, cream, chocolate and pudding in a pie dish. It is a bit messy when you serve it, nevertheless it is really delicious and also easy to make.
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Cookie pie
Spiced Blueberry Pie with a Cardamom Crust
This spiced blueberry pie recipe can use fresh or frozen berries for a fantastic year round pie. Its earthy spices and rich flavor are enticing and delicious, and a perfect alternative to traditional pie.
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Blueberry pie
Nut-Free Derby Pie Bites
These bite-sized chocolate and bourbon tarts are great for a Derby party!
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Nut-Free Derby Pie Bites
Toasted Sky High S’mores Pie
This beautiful s’mores pie recipe is a crowd pleaser. With a dark chocolate center and toasted marshmallow topping, this sky high pie will have everyone asking for s’more, please.
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S'mores pie
Cinnamon Streusel Topped Carrot Pie
A sweet pie filled with carrot goodness and topped with cinnamon streusel. It’s perfect for Easter, Thanksgiving or just because!
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Slice of carrot pie
Kool Aid Pie
An easy no bake pie! The filling has only three ingredients and comes together in a flash! Choice your fave Kool Aid flavor and make this pie your very own!
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Slice of Kool Aid pie
Mini Strawberry Pies
Super flaky piecrust cups filled with honey glazed juicy sweet strawberries and bejeweled with turbinado sugar. Top these mini strawberry pies with tangy yogurt whipped cream for an unforgettable summer dessert!
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Mini strawberry pie topped with whipped cream
Dairy-free Orange Creamsicle Pie
If you love creamsicles (or dreamsicles) you’ll love this No Bake Dairy-free Orange Creamsicle Pie with Oreo Cookie Crust! This delicious dairy-free dessert is so rich and creamy that you’d never know it’s dairy-free!
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Orange creamsicle pie
Chocolate Chip Pie
This chocolate chip pie is unbelievably easy to make but it’s so delicious. Just one bowl and a few minutes of prep and your pie is ready to go into the oven! If you love chocolate chip cookies then you’ll go crazy for this!
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Vegan Chocolate Pie {No Bake}
You will LOVE this Vegan Chocolate Pie! Gooey thick salted caramel, melt in your mouth silky and light dairy free chocolate mousse, a top a delicious chocolate nut pie crust. Easy, Healthy, Soy free, gluten free and oil free to boot! No baking required!
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Vegan chocolate pie
Mini Salted Rosemary Rum Pecan Pies {Gluten Free and Paleo}
Sweet, salty, a little herbal and a little boozy, these Paleo-friendly pies are the perfect one-bite treats. Try to make them a day head if possible.
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Mini Salted Rosemary Rum Pecan Pies
Cranberry Orange Custard Pie
Cranberry Orange Custard Pie is a unique fall dessert recipe to add to your holiday menu. A flaky pie crust is filled with sweet custard laced with orange zest and tart cranberries for a special Cranberry Pie you will love!
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Cranberry orange custard pie
Honey Hazelnut Pie
These all year round flavors of honey and toasted hazelnuts combine gorgeously in this easy Honey Hazelnut Pie. If you are looking for a tasty dessert to delight your dinner guests, this tart is the answer.
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Honey hazelnut pie
Dairy-Free Salted Caramel Ice Cream Pie {Gluten Free}
This luscious Dairy-Free Salted Caramel Ice Cream Pie is the stuff dreams are made of. Sweet salted caramel, chocolate, and creamy ice cream… all rolled up into one luxurious and irresistible gluten-free treat!
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Ice cream pie
Concord Grape Pie
This traditional pie recipe from upstate New York consists of a flaky pie crust filled with lots and lots of Concord grapes. With only four ingredients this grape pie recipe is not difficult to make with outstanding grape flavor.
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Slice of concord grape pie

Savory Pies

Spinach and Ricotta Savory Slab Pie
This Spinach and Ricotta Savory Slab Pie Recipe is a great easy appetizer for your party!
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Spinach and ricotta slab pie
Sweet Corn Zucchini Pie
Bring on the light summer meals with this Sweet Corn and Zucchini Pie recipe. Bake layers of summer squash with sweet corn, cheese, and just enough egg to hold this vegetable torte together and slice into beautiful pieces. A great brunch addition!
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Zucchini pie slice
Cheesy Fish Chowder Pie
A delicious fish pie combining the flavors of a fish chowder and placing them in a pie topped with puff pastry.
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Meat and Leek Filo Pie
A unique savory pie that you can eat both for breakfast and for dinner. This pie is delicious enough for adults but also suitable for kids.
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Meat and leek filo pie on a plate with cut out slices missing
Red Wine Braised Short Rib Pot Pie
This is a unique savory, hearty pot pie with a parmesan herb crust. It's always a showstopper with folks coming back for seconds and thirds!
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Red wine braised short rib pot pie
Chicken and Chorizo Pie With Puff Pastry
This chicken and chorizo pie recipe is filling, comforting and full of flavor. The filling is made with mushrooms, chicken thigh and chorizo with a creamy cheese sauce and it’s finished with a lattice puff pastry topping. This homemade pie is a real crowd pleaser and can be made ahead of time.
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Chicken chorizo pie
Cheesy Layered Roasted Vegetable Pie
Layers of roasted vegetables, wrapped in a rich cheesy pastry case and topped off with stilton and crispy breadcrumbs. Each layer in this vegetable pie is packed with flavor – vegetarian food doesn’t have to be bland people!
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Layered roasted vegetable pie slices
Make Ahead Breakfast Pie With Lattice Bacon Crust
This decadent Make Ahead Breakfast Pie recipe is made extra special with a Lattice Bacon “crust” on top! This protein- packed meal is great for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, it’s inexpensive, and it feeds a crowd.
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Breakfast pie with lattice crust
Instant Pot Tamale Pie
An Instant Pot Tamale Pie recipe that you can make on a weeknight without fuss. It has all of the taste of tamales but done in under an hour. Lower fat, efficient, and fast.
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Greek Spinach Pie in Potato Crust {Gluten Free}
This Greek spinach pie can happily take center stage at a vegetarian lunch or dinner. Inspired by traditional spanakopita, this spinach feta pie is gluten-free and it’s all cooked in one skillet. A crust of golden sautéed potatoes encases the filling of spinach, onions, garlic, eggs, herbs and feta.
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Cauliflower Gruyere Pie {Gluten Free}
And now for something completely decadent! Potato-Crusted Cauliflower Gruyere Pie with Bacon-Parmesan Crumb Topping. Vegetarians, don’t miss out on this amazing cauliflower pie. It’s completely vegetarian except for the topping. Just omit the bacon and add extra parmesan.
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Brazilian Chicken Pot Pie (Empadão De Frango)
This chicken pot pie is made from a homemade flaky dough called pâte brisée or massa podre (the French version of classic pie pastry), filled with a tasty, creamy, and chunky chicken-and-vegetable filling… A true party in your mouth!
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Brazilian chicken pot pie
Chicken Leek and Mushroom Pie
This chicken leek and mushroom pie is British inspired, but I have to say it’s quite Southern at its core. It’s a hearty comfort food that you don’t want to miss.
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Chicken leek and mushroom pie
Pork, Apple, and Ale Pie
The pie innards are full of savoury Autumn flavours – filling ground pork, slightly sweet apples, bitter ale … it’s like you take Fall and throw it into a Shake-n-Bake bag, toss it around, and then put it inside some pie crust. And the crust! Herbs and mustard are added to the crust to play off the flavors on the inside and it’s SO flaky.
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Pork, apple, & ale pie
Russian Piroshki (Meat Hand Pies)
Shinee shares her mom’s secret to the softest and fluffiest piroshki (Russian hand pies) with simple beef and rice filling, but you can fill yours with whatever your heart desires.
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Russian Piroshki
Beef Steak Pie
Beef Steak Pie is a wonderful, mostly forgotten old recipe that needs to be brought back to life! It is a rich, meaty steak and mushroom pie recipe that gives you a taste of history and is super comforting for cold weather days!
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Beef steak pie
Collage of various pies with text that says 35 amazing and unique pies
Collage of various pies

35 Amazing & Unique Pie Recipes

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