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Let’s Talk Knives

I love a good knife. My favorite knife is the santoku, which is why I have 5 of them (4 in the photo, 1 is in one of the blocks). My Wusthof  chef's knife (far left on the magnetic strip) is also on my favorites list. So you might be asking why the hell I… Continue reading Let’s Talk Knives

disaster, in the kitchen

Cooking as a Couple (without killing each other)

My wife and I both like to cook. A lot. Her strengths are meat, grilling, and sauces. Mine are soups and baking. We're a great combination in the kitchen, but sometimes things just go wrong. (Remember the "occasional disasters" in my tagline?) Like, stabbing with a knife wrong (before anyone gets concerned about domestic violence, keep reading).… Continue reading Cooking as a Couple (without killing each other)