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Key Lime Pie Martini

key lime pie martini with a bowl of limes in the background

A fresh cocktail that tastes like the the classic key lime dessert. Fun to make just for you or for a party! The idea for this martini started when I posted my lemon meringue pie martini on social media and a friend commented she was going to try one with limes since she didn’t have

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Lemon Meringue Pie Martini

Martini glass filled with lemon meringue pie martini on a tray next to lemons and an empty martini glass on its side

A fun martini that tastes like the classic lemon meringue pie dessert! Make this as a batch cocktail for a party, or for one. I was invited to a pie party last week. I made a red wine braised short rib pot pie, but I also wanted to bring a pie-themed cocktail. The cocktail was

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