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Beef Stroganoff

My wife's birthday was yesterday and she requested beef stroganoff. She couldn't have just any beef stroganoff. She wanted the one just like her dad used to make. Yeah, the one with no recipe written down. She helped me recreate it, and now hopefully I have a recipe I can follow next time. Ingredients 1¼… Continue reading Beef Stroganoff

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Nana’s Carrot Cake

I can't take credit for this gorgeous carrot cake that occasionally appears on my header image. My wife made that using her grandmother's recipe. This recipe is on the thinnest piece of paper ever. It was clearly typed on a typewriter, but I have no idea how the paper didn't disintegrate when moving through the… Continue reading Nana’s Carrot Cake

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Cooking as a Couple (without killing each other)

My wife and I both like to cook. A lot. Her strengths are meat, grilling, and sauces. Mine are soups and baking. We're a great combination in the kitchen, but sometimes things just go wrong. (Remember the "occasional disasters" in my tagline?) Like, stabbing with a knife wrong (before anyone gets concerned about domestic violence, keep reading).… Continue reading Cooking as a Couple (without killing each other)