I was posting recipes and pictures on Facebook all the time, and people were always asking me for recipes. Naturally this meant I needed to start a food blog. Most things I make turn out great and they’re delicious. You’ll notice my blog’s tagline also has “and occasional disasters” in it. Nobody is perfect in the kitchen, and I want to showcase the good and the bad (like the time I caught my caramel on fire or the time I scorched milk so badly it took a week to get the burned crust off of my pan). This is why most of the recipes I post will have a troubleshooting section at the bottom!

Weeknight cooking is a challenge in my house. I work full time and have a 45min-1h commute each way. I usually don’t get home until 6:30-7:00, and by then my wife has been home for hours and is starving. We try to take turns cooking during the week. There are some weeknights I go all out, and it drives my wife crazy because we end up eating at 8:00. Usually this happens when I’ve been sitting all day (training, lots of back to back meetings where I’m not an active participant, hyper focused on one project, etc.) and I have a lot of energy that has just got to go or I’ll be awake all night (ADHD life!) Usually, though, by the time I get home, I’m exhausted and can’t focus on anything. My brain exhausts itself keeping my life together together at work, which often means I’m a pile of laziness when I get home. I love cooking from scratch, but sometimes I just need a little help to save time and sanity. This one of the reasons why I’m also a Tastefully Simple independent consultant. Weeknight cooking shouldn’t be hard, and there’s no shame in using a pre-mixed seasoning blend.